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Residential Service

Summers Pest Control strives to be a company that provides excellent customer service. We are a company that has integrity running through our veins. Each employee with SPC is background checked and is expected to always be professional and provide the same level of customer service that we as a company are known for. We have chosen to be one of the few companies that don’t require a contract. SPC doesn’t charge initial startup fees like many other companies in the business. We also do offer free callbacks upon request to ensure your satisfaction has been met. We are always looking for customers that are interested in building a long term business relationship with us that is built on trust and respect

3 Steps to a successful program

1. Inspect:

If you have seen evidence of a pest or want help to setup a preventative program at your home, we will come out and inspect your home free of charge. On the first visit, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. You can expect your first inspection to takes about 45 minutes to an hour, for regular visits it will take approximately 30 minutes. At the end of our inspection, we will complete an SPC Home Inspection Report that points out any problems areas and recommendations for your treatment plan.

2. Treat:

SPC will treat and take care of any problems previously discussed during the inspection stage and install pest-monitoring tools in areas to help keep an eye out for pests. Our licensed structural pest control operator will use professional grade products in accordance to the product labels. And when we have completed the service, we will fill out a SPC Service Ticket that outlines the services conducted.

3. Maintain:

SPC will visit on a regular schedule year-round to monitor your home and pest activity. We will monitor for new pest during each treatment. And if we see something new we will investigate and discuss options with you. SPC will continue to document your progress and problems to ensure the best maintenance approach for your home for each season and ensure the long-term success of your service. We’re only happy if you’re happy.

Pest List

Fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, crickets, roaches, earwigs, springtails, mosquitos, wasps, termites, bagworms, rodents, snakes, birds

Current Services

Every Other Month Plan

Every other month SPC will treat the exterior perimeter of the house where pest problems start and the interior is guaranteed as well. This service also includes free call backs. With this plan the product is applied every other month ensuring that the pest prevention barrier is always active.

Free Inspection

A SPC licensed pest professional will inspect the interior/exterior of your home and offer recommendations based on the results of their inspection.

One Time or As Needed Service

This service includes a one-time only interior/exterior perimeter spray. Wasp nest and spider web removal from eves and porch areas. This service does not include free call backs.

Attic Dusting

This treatment includes a dust application broadcast across the attic space. We use special equipment to blow the dust across the entire attic to reach those areas not easily accessible. This is a great option to control scorpions, silverfish, and many other insects found in attic spaces.

Other services offered

Includes the control of birds, rodents, and exclusion work to prevents animals from entering your home. Flea & Tick infestations, roach infestations, and bed bug treatments.

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